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Clay Beats - custom Udo drums

Making "One-of-a-Kind" Udus and Other Custom Handmade Clay Drums and Instruments

Killer whale Udu

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salt-fired ceramic drum

Clay Beats specializes in producing custom hand-made clay Udu drums.
Other styles of ceramic drums, rattles, and other instruments may be seen in the gallery...

Drums with custom designs are available upon request, but require a cash deposit.
Drums may also be ported to facilitate a mike for live applications upon request.
I may also consider a trade, exchanges, or barters depending on what you have to offer. 
Email me if you perfer this to a cash exchange.

What is an Udu?

  An Udu, is a clay pot drum based on those created by the Ibo and Hausa tribes in Nigeria, and means "pot" in the Ibo language.  This drum came about when some ancient village potters struck a second opening, a side hole, in a clay water vessel and discovered the beautiful sound it produced. This became the side-hole pot drum. The deep, haunting tones it produced were thought by many to be the "voices of the ancestors." They were initially used in religious and cultural ceremonies.  A type of 'pot' drum is also played in India, too, but has a totally different design.
  Udu drums are not only beautiful to look at due to their stylish designs and form, but are sought by musicians, both professional and casual, because of their unique sound which can vary from deep bass tones, tabla-like qualities, the tonal variations of the African talking drum, and many other sounds. This makes the Udu well-suited to melodic as well as rhythmic articulations.
  The basic playing technique includes, but is not limited to, playing with the palm of the hand on the side hole while opening and closing the top hole in varying degrees with the other hand, and vice versa.  One can also alternate a beat by slapping each hole in sequence. By varying the type of stroke and the way in which you release your hand, you can coax many different tonal variations from the instrument. You can also strike any part of the drum with your fingers or slap it to produce higher tones.
  The drums made by Clay Beats vary from serveral types of professional models to the smaller more personal style of drums.  The firing methods used vary from open pit firings, salt kiln firing, and common glazed kiln firings.


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Udu and ceramic drums in "one-of-a-kind" style and form.
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