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Clay Beats - Udo drums

Making "One-of-a-Kind" Udus and Other Custom Handmade Clay Drums and Instruments

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Me just havin' a little fun doing some Yoga...


Hi my name is Nirinjan Singh!

  I am an artist, life long student, and yoga/meditation teacher.  
As you can see from this site, I love to create Udu style drums and other instruments out of clay. 

  It is a medium that I truly enjoy working with and has been my main focus over other mediums of  art.   Although I am just starting to explore ceramics and have much more to learn I have already won several scholarships and awards.  My work has won first place in a collage art magazine, some of  my work is placed in local galleries, and I have won awards in a few art shows.

  I prefer to hand build, via the coil method, many of my pieces vs. throwing them on the wheel.  It seems that the is more of a connection to the piece and more energy within it when the process is complete.   I like to use traditional methods for creating my ceramic works from hand building to pit firing techniques.

  Many of my themes are earth spirituality based using the five elements. Each is contained within each piece, ether.  For me, hand building brings a stronger connection with the piece.  Other effects that I take into account when making a custom piece of work is the time of the moon, when and how it is burned by the fire, and how the glazes melt and bond with the clay.

  I am looking to go to Spain this summer and continue my study of ceramics.  So any support you can give me, by purchasing my work or letting me know of any scholarships in the field of art and/or ceramics, will be gratefully appreciated.

  To all my friends that supported my efforts and travels last year I send you much love and many blessings,

Nirinjan Singh

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Udu and ceramic drums in "one-of-a-kind" style and form.
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