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C L A Y     B E A T S
Making "One-of-a-Kind" Udus and Other Custom Handmade Clay Drums and Instruments

Current  Works For Sale and Unfinished Pieces ...

Currently I have a limited number of ceramic drums for sale. 
New drums are on the way so keep checking back for more items, more coming this summer!

Most pieces sell as soon as they are made and keeping any in the gallery is hard to do.
Some pieces are kept unfinished so I am able to custom glaze it after the work has been sold.

earthdrum1_t.jpg (8837 bytes)
Earth & Sky Drum
First drum made! NFS

earthdrum2_t.jpg (8218 bytes)
Earth & Sky Drum

sun drum 1
Sun Drum w/o glaze $175 SOLD

sun drum 2
Sun Drum veiw 2
$175 SOLD

Small drum 1
Earth Drum
group shot
Group Photo 2

clay bongo drum
Clay Bongos $100
6.5"H x 17"L x 9"W
Demo set, Great sound!

flame drum
Fire Drum
14"H x 8"W

Small Drum 2
Earth Drum

mouse drum
Mouse Drum

water element
Water Element Drum $50
group shot 1
Group Photo 1

Double Drum
Double Drum $100

water drum
Water Drum
12.5"H x 7.5"W

Killer whale forward view
Killer Whale
11"H x 8"W x 9"L
w/o glaze $250

Killer whale back view
Killer Whale
View 2

Killer whale carving detail
Killer Whale Detail 1
View 3

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