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(In Spanish)




Here are the photos that I have received from everyone so far.
I hope everyone will enjoy them very much.
If you have photos you would like me to add please email them in an attachment to me or
Email me and I will give you my street address and you can send me copies.
I think the more pictures we have the better this site will look.
~ Photos 2 ~

Alfonso on stage

breakfast on the patio

Chilin' with the Chili group

Break time

my favorite pic

Cooking staff

cooking staff

Grounds Crew 2001

Guru Atma's party

Group trip

Hugs and Love

Guru Simran

Sukh Mani and Livtar

Class Meditation

Most Honorable Teacher

Nirinjan Singh

Ode in Bliss and Meditation

Ojo Caliente

Nirinjan ready to travel

Sukh Mani and Naseem

Trip to the lake

Masters Touch 2001 Teachers

Tent Party

Tent Party 2

Restin' in the Shade


If you have pictures that you would like to add to this web site...send them to Nirinjan Singh.

The more pictures we have the better this site will look. Tell me what you think so far?
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